Q&A with Joe Tanner | Rennat Design Helmet Painter Of The Year

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As you may already know, the FIRST EVER European Helmet Painter Of The Year was awarded to Joe Tanner of Rennat Design, for his work on Lando Norris’s “Macau Casino” Helmet. We got a chance to sit down with Joe and ask him a few questions to find out what winning means to him and more about his helmet paint work!


  • Joe, you’re the FIRST EVER European Helmet Painter Of The Year! How does it feel now your work has been recognised as the best in the business?


I was really shocked to win this award! There were so many great helmets nominated, but I am really grateful to have won. I put a lot of work in to Lando’s Macau helmet and I am just happy that other people liked it as well!


  • Tell us about how you got started in Helmet Painting and inspired you to get going?


I have been racing since I was 10 years old so Motor racing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I am also a bit artistic and went to art college when I left school. I can remember as a young kid I was always drawing crash helmet designs, so it was just a matter of time. I was a senior race instructor at Knockhill Racing Circuit when i started painting as a hobby. 6 years later here we are….


  • What part of the process when painting a lid and what do you find the most challenging? Is there something specific that you feel is your forte or expertise?


The most challenging part is the design concept, there are so many brilliant painters out there doing some amazing things! Trying to be original is getting harder and harder. I try to put my own style in to each job.


  • Obviously you won the HPOTY for your Lando Norris Macau lid, but do you have an absolute favourite helmet that you have worked on? 
    I don’t have a favourite helmet, but there are a few people who i always enjoy painting for. Gordon Shedden always gives me free rein to create anything i fancy as does Tom Onlsow-Cole. It’s nice to let the design come together as you create it rather than working from a pre approved template.


  • You and our sponsored driver competition winner Jamie “Jammy Dodger” Sharpe, will be collaborating on painting his new lid! What can we expect from this lid? We’ve seen the design on paper and it looks awesome!

Yeah it looks great! Miles at MDM Designs creates some really nice stuff. Keep your eyes open for a few wee tweaks that I am bound to add once I actually start to paint it, I hope I can create something really special.


  • Finally, what does 2017 have in store for you?More of the same I hope! 
    I am just continuing to try to develop my work with each job I do. The winter is really busy, this year more than most so I will basically be in the shop until April. We have a lot of BTCC and British GT helmets, so their media days in March are the main deadline! Once the season starts hopefully things will settle down. I am planning to do some more racing myself this year!


If YOU are a helmet painter with the desire to become European Helmet Painter Of The Year make sure to tag @antmancustomtrixeu in all of your work and we’ll hopefully pick YOUR work for our monthly competition which guarantees you entry into the European Helmet Painter Of The Year Competition!