Helmet Painter of the Month May 2018


And the winner is…
TZI Designs (Portugal) for this design using Antman Custom Trix Neon Green TrimZ! 



Helmet Painter Of The Month: May 2018
Helmet28 & Petrolhead Italia are proud to announce that TZI Designs from Portugal is our May 2018 Helmet Painter Of The Month!
Since 2007 TZI Designs has developed an increasingly elaborate and interesting range of designs. Always having as priority the satisfaction and tastes of the customer. They design a range of helmets for various competitions and also work with Custom Bikes on the National and International stage.


Q&A with TZ Ferreira – TZI Designs 

1. What Helmet are you most proud of painting and why?

I enjoy painting special retro replicas of the legendary drivers such as the King Senna, James Hunt and Elio de Angelis.


How James Hunt’s helmet would look like with some of our TrimZ on


And also the Legend Senna’s


2. Outside of painting what are your passions or hobbies?

Outside of painting I’m an accountant and a race driver.

3. If you weren’t a helmet painter, what would you be doing? 

I would love to be a World traveler.


4.What is your favourite helmet that someone else has painted? 

That would be Kimi Raikkonen’s 2018 helmet.


Kimi Raikkonen getting ready for action



And how his helmet could look like with an Antman Upgrade. Red or Blue TrimZ?


5. If you could work on one drivers’ helmet, past or present, who would you pick? 

I’d pick Valtteri Bottas to work with.




If you do, make sure to add some Blue or White TrimZ


A bit about our sponsor PETROLHEAD Italia…


PETROLHEAD ITALIA aims to be a support for drivers, teams, sponsors, circuits and promoters for all aspects related to Marketing and Communication. Two young professionals who fled from consulting companies and design studios to follow their passion. We live and breathe motorsport and this is the reason we started a Marketing and Communication agency specializing in 360-degree motorsport.


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