Helmet Painter of the Year 2017!

And the winner is…

Five Star Designs (Germany) 



Helmet Painter Of The YEAR 2017

AntmanCustomTrixEU & Helmet 28 are proud to announce that Five Star Designs from Germany is our Helmet Painter Of The Year for 2017!

A bit about Five Star Designs…

Five-star-designs stands for individual design finishes and kart decorations. All pieces which are manufactured here, are absolutely unique. This gives it an individual touch and uniqueness. Our ambition is to make every customer happy and proud with their freshly designed helmet.


Winning Helmet for our 2017 competition fitted with our most popular Green TrimZ!


Q&A with Paul Seliger – Five Star Designs 

How does it feel now your work has been recognised as the best in the business?

First of all we are very proud of what we have done the last three years since we founded five star designs. We are very happy to win this award and it will push us even more for the future.

Tell us about how you got started in Helmet Painting and what inspired you to get going?

I grew up with motorsports and was able to attend in cart racing for many years. Thats how I came in first contact with helmet designs and could inspire myself for it very easily. Through this I knew that I wanted to work in the helmet business. After my painting training I started working as a helmet painter, but I always knew at one point I want to found my own company, so I founded five star designs in 2014. So we grew year by year and became a name in the motorsport scene. I also wanted to thank my team for their great support, because without them it wouldn’t work!

What part of the process when painting a lid do you find the most challenging? Is there something specific that you feel is your forte or expertise?

The biggest challenge is to paint the helmet the way we designed it on the computer. Every helmet is unique because of it’s lines and those make every helmet special, so the lines are the most important step. Our biggest forte is that we work very close with our customers and we try to realize every wish from our customers. We work very pernickety and have high quality standards to ourself.

Obviously you won the HPOTY for this lid, but do you have an absolute favourite helmet that you have worked on?

My favorite helmet is the one I made for Tobias Müller.
The helmet is painted in my favorite colors and I really like the design of it too. I made the helmet two years ago and it’s still my favorite one so far.

Finally, what does 2018 have in store for you? More of the same I hope!

We are going to try to make all of our customers happy with unique designs. We also hope to be more known, especially in foreign countries. This year will be a trend-setting year and we are excited about it!


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