Helmet Painter of the Month November 2017

And the winner is…

Kay Helmet Design (Belgium) 


Helmet Painter Of The Month: November 


AntmanCustomTrixEU & Helmet 28 are proud to announce that Kay Helmet Design from Belgium is our November Helmet Painter Of The Month!

A bit about Kevin from Kay Helmet Design…

” Born and raised in Belgium Brussels, I have always raced and been intrigued by cars and kart racing. Coming-out of the car painting business i used a lot skills from that to get into the helmet painting business.

I remember when I was racing karts as a kid, we didn’t have the funds to have helmets painted…my father always told me ”Is a nice looking helmet going to make you win the race? or is a good set of tires going to? “.

So I went for the tires off course..

After long time not being active I met some old school F100 guys again and started driving again for fun.

And 2 years ago I thought if i can paint car, why not a helmet. So I bought myself a kart helmet and had a first go at it. After that my friends started asking me to do more and more and more.

Since then I have never stopped painting helmets….i stock them in my living room, bedroom etc.… I’ll be looking for new location next year 😉

I have done about 266 helmets since then.

Been using House of Color paints, flakes and chromed out helmet .

I like to have a lot of contrast in a helmet and I love flakes or flake lines. Which make the helmet pop out “.



As you can see on the helmet I painted here I used different greens, a light green and moss green background in different combo’s with red flakes. I always try to have clean straight lines and of course the Antman TrimZ are a must on this one. The good all colors balanced out in the helmet.

Its clean design thanks to Kevin Rossi who helped me out to digitalize this design.

I finished it up with a Kay Design touch, a bit of sparkle where needed which gives the helmet the little extra bling in the sun.


Q&A with Kevin – Kay Helmet Design 

1. What Helmet are you most proud of painting and why?

I don’t really have one favorite but if i must say one, it would probably be the helmet for the Fullerton factory driver Gil Mertens (BE). This was a first collaboration with my graphic designer Kevin Rossi and it worked out to be a successful project.


2. Outside of painting what are your passions or hobbies?

Karting F100, Fitness (if I can find the time to do it) and watching the F1 and Formula E and of course my daughter Kaylee from which the name Kay Design comes from 😉

3. If you weren’t a helmet painter, what would you be doing? 

I started of as an I.T. tech guy for long time but I became a body shop painter so i think it would still be something to do with paint.

4.What is your favourite helmet that someone else has painted? 

I don’t have one that I can choose from but I do like these 3 from LCD, Tjello Creations & Olie Graphics.


5. If you could work on one drivers’ helmet, past or present, who would you pick? 

That would be the Bell Helmet from F1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne.


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