Helmet Painter of the Month May 2017

And the winner is…

Stefan Di Resta – Dir Designs (U.K) 

And the winner is…

Stefan Di Resta – Dir Designs (U.K) 

Helmet Painter Of The Month: May
AntmanCustomTrixEU & Helmet 28 are proud to announce that Dir Designs from the U.K is our May Helmet Painter Of The Month!They may be a small firm based in central Scotland, but they supply to orders from all round the world. Their headquarters is a small working space but the equipment used is of the up most quality to ensure they produce highly professional work for their clients. They are constantly working to improve and keep themselves at the leading end of design and innovation so they can provide the highest quality craftsmanship in their work.
Q&A with Stefan Di Resta | Dir Designs

As part of our new Helmet Painter Of The Month Award format we get to sit down with the winner and ask them a few questions to see what makes these awesome artists tick!

1.What Helmet are you most proud of painting and why?

My old brothers as he’s always been someone I looked up to in my racing career.

2.Outside of painting what are your passions or hobbies?

Being with my Fiancé and Dog, Manchester United and FIFA most probably.

3.If you weren’t a helmet painter, what would you be doing? 

Doing something within the family business.

4.What is your favourite helmet that someone else has painted? Sebastian Vettle first Texas GP helmet, the one that looked like it was made of wood  was just overly convincing and so unique.
5. If you could work on one drivers’ helmet, past or present, who would you pick? 
For sure Senna or Schumacher… two greatest ever!!
The winner of each Helmet Painter Of The Month Award gets automatic entry into the Helmet Painter Of The Year Awards!
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