Happy St Patricks Day!



paddys day


As it’s St Patricks day, we thought it would be great to feature some content on our Irish brethren!

Firstly starting with a huge shout out to the Niall Murray and the guys at Murray Motorsport!

Niall is a fantastic driver and soon to be our next supported driver! The guys in the Murray Motorsport shop are representing team AntmanEU out there in Ireland!

Niall answered a few questions for us which we will be publishing soon!

Secondly, we got a chance to sit down with Irish Helmet Painter Paul from Crazy Custom Paint! We asked him a few questions about his work and Irish life…crazy paint 1

  1. What Helmet are you most proud of painting and why?

    There’s not really a helmet I could single out. I always think my work can be improved upon or see some defect I have missed, like most artists I’m very self critical. What makes me most proud is the customers reaction when they pick up the finished piece.

  2. Outside of painting what are your passions/hobbies?

    My main passion is for motorbikes and road cycling anything on two wheels really. My hobbies are mainly looking after our horses and trying to entertain my 3 year old daughter!

  3.  If you weren’t a helmet painter what would you be doing?

    If I wasn’t a helmet painter and could do any job I would love to be a professional cyclist. I raced at amateur level for a number of years and don’t get a lot of time these days to get out on the bike.

  4.  What is your favourite helmet that someone else has painted?

    That’s a tough question! I couldn’t name a specific helmet but Brett Kings work has always impressed me.

  5. If you could work on one drivers helmet past or present, who would you pick?

    For me personally I don’t follow motorsport with 4 wheels. If I could work on any racers helmet it would be Carl Crutchlow’s.

  6. How will you be celebrating St Patricks Day?
    For Paddys day I will be in the workshop unfortunately. We have a client coming and deadlines to meet by the end of this month so its 24/7 at the minute!
  7. Guinness or Murphy’s?

    I have never tried Murphys’ and Guinness is rank! Its Corona for me.

  8. Westlife or Boyzone?

    Definitely Westlife! after a day huffing PPG deltron I’m flying without wings !


Paul is a fantastic painter! Check out his painter page for more information on how you can get your Lid painted by Paul!