Why should I add Antman products to my lid?

They are the cherry on the top of the cake and give your lid that final touch. Replacing the mundane black rubber trims with our colourful products can really make a difference and stand out form the crowd….don’t be left behind!

World Champion Tom Joyner says ‘I use these as they bright colours that match both the design of my helmet and the colours of Strakka Bhaitech Kart team that I race for’

Will removing the trims damage the paintwork?

Extra care is needed when removing the old trims so this does not occur and if you are about to get a paint job we recommend adding the trims after this is done as it makes it easier for everyone.

How long does it take to fit the trims?

This question is always thrown at us and it is hard to give and exact time, as everyone is different. We advise spending 25-30mins to fit a set of trimz maybe a bit longer for your first time. They are easy to apply and all we recommend is not to rush the application….slow and steady wins the race with this one.

What glue should I use?

We have looked at many different types of glue on the market to make sure we have the best one to accompany our amazing trims. We recommend the high performance super glue that can be found here at antmancustomtrix.eu and again on our website. This high performance adhesive is super glue corps signature product and keeps Antman products nice and secure while also being easy to take off incase you want to change you trim colour again.


How easy is it to fit your products?

Fitting the product is simple and we have easy to follow instructional videos on our website www.antmancustomtrix.eu. If you are still unsure maybe take it with your helmet painter or we offer a drop-in service where we will fit them for you starting at £99 or if you don’t live close we a courier option for you to send your lid to us, we have you covered.