50 Shades Of TrimZ

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Valentines Day is here! A day for couples worldwide to show how much they truly are in love with one another… or for singles to revel in their singleness! (sorry singletons).

The big debate surrounding Valentines Day, lies within the “gift giving” element; Flowers, chocolates, naughty underwear (if you should be so lucky) and millions of Teddy Bears! But is this really the best way to show your partner how much you love them? Coming from us, this definitely doesn’t get our hearts racing! Apart from the Teddy Bears…

So what makes a truly good gift, one that sends your lover right around the bend at 200mph?!

TrimZ… TrimZ… TrimZ! Yes, the ever so famous AntmanCustomTrix TrimZ!

twHowever, this is a little different to what you guys are used to…

What we have here, is an extra special Valentines Day guide to what else you can use TrimZ for, apart from making your Lid look incredibly dapper!


  1. The “Love Knot”
    TrimZ come standard at 1.2 meters long and are very stretchy! So perhaps they are more suited to a special Valentines bedroom practice if you catch my drift! *CAUTION… DO NOT TRY THIS AT THE RACE TRACK*
  2. The “Jockey”
    If you’re feeling a little more adventurous on Valentines Day and The “Love Knot” is a little too tame for you, why not try using TrimZ for The “Jockey”. Incredibly simple but be warned, it might leave a bit of a body tyre track if you’re not careful but it’s definitely enough to ‘whip’ someone into shape!
  3. The “Karate Kid”
    So, you’ve got a big kid on your hands, why not give them a kung fu headband of epic quality and style to unleash their inner Cobra Kai!


Just remember… It’s the most fun you can have in rubber!